Need an enchanting online presence?
We’re a fresh pair of media mages, here to conjure your every digital desire. With style + a smile.

digital design

Hello there! I’m Cassie, artist & digital design Sourceress.
I conjure digital homes for creatives, solopreneurs and small businesses – one enchanted pixel at a time.

Website creation. Lovingly crafted + fully customized. Top-shelf design & coding, built on the WordPress platform. Mindmeld session included.

Blog creation for bright souls ready to build their first digital home. Built on the WordPress platform + brimming with delightful hand-crafted details.

Artist portfolios. House your work in a beautiful & clean space that encourages happy browsing and contact (and commissions!)

Logo + masthead design. You need to make your mark, and you adore the elegance of line & carefully-crafted coloring.

Gimme Cassie’s magic!


YO! I’m Hillary Weiss, writer & content Sourceress. I whip up funky fresh, easy-to-navigate web copy for websites, newsletters, social media and apps.

Ghostwriting for your blog, newsletters, articles, press releases, auto-responders + promo emails.

Social media curation for your Twitter and Facebook presence. I’ll shower your social outlets with all the nurturing love they need to flourish.

Sparkling copy for your website. Bios, mission statements, services + offerings – I do it all. Delivered with savvy, stylistic swagger. Always.

Media kit magic. Because you’re about to get huge.

Editing, proofreading, and content strategy. I keep a verbiage machete on hand at all times.

Gimme Hillary’s magic!